Shop Management Software Built for Heavy Duty

Fullbay gets everyone in your shop on the same page. It unchains owners from the shop, makes techs more efficient, lets service managers quarterback the work, allows parts managers to quickly price and order parts, and prevents the office from ever getting behind on invoicing. And it really satisfies customers.

Works for every role in your shop

Free yourself from the shop

Fullbay captures all the information you need, in real time. From service request all the way through invoicing and collecting payment. No more double entering data or
getting lost in a sea of paper.

Real time metrics

Check in on the shop from anywhere

Common sense

Eliminate unbilled parts and lost time

Built for scale

Fullbay is the last shop software you’ll buy

Increase efficiency

Waiting around for parts? Or for an assignment? Or for a customer to authorize the job? Distant memories with Fullbay.

Instant assignments

See assigned work on your smartphone

See your own stats

Real time stats let you see how you’re doing, and how you stack up

Fast authorization

Watch authorizations come back while you’re still in the field

Be the quarterback

Technicians line up in front of your desk, waiting for assignments. A customer calls you, demanding an update while you sift through stacks of paper. Make this all a thing of the past.


Line up their day and make changes on the fly


Have real-time data at your fingertips


Send estimates and know when they’re authorized

Invoice every part

You find a vendor bill floating around. From a job that wrapped up last week. Once again, some parts were never invoiced. Now imagine a world where parts are never forgotten.


Request quotes and order parts electronically


Automatically mark up parts


Keep track of your parts on hand

Never get behind on invoicing

Stacks of paper. Two weeks behind on invoicing. Delayed cash flow. Past due sales tax reports. Double entry into QuickBooks. It doesn’t have to be this way!


All information needed to invoice is already in Fullbay


Customer invoices drop into QuickBooks automatically


Send statements and friendly reminders

“Fullbay has the leading edge and incorporates current technologies. Techs are more aware since they are tracking productivity. Fullbay allows instantaneous invoicing and generates lots of metrics. It is also evolving and well-supported—enhancements are generated routinely.”



Satisfy your customers

Running a fleet is complex and stressful. Partner with your customers by giving
them tools they need to manage their fleet.

Customer portal

Your customers can request repairs,
authorize work, and pay invoices right
from their portal.

Preventive maintenance

Help them lower the cost of their fleet
by proactively tracking preventive

DOT compliance

Track annual inspections, submit
DVIR reports, and search service
history, all in the portal.

Increase Efficiency

Technicians spend less time waiting, and more time turning wrenches. It’s simple math. The faster you can get them parts and authorized work, the more efficient they will be.

Invoice Faster

No more double entering data. When a job is complete, everything needed for invoicing is ready to go. Never get behind on invoicing again.

Free Yourself

We baked safeguards into Fullbay to protect the owner’s interests. This means owners can have more of a life outside the shop.


Parts markup
Get the margin you need
Preventive maintenance
Get the margin you need
Owner dashboard
See the key stats, in real time
Access from anywhere
Checkin on the shop from your smartphone
Make your shop run more efficiently
Customize the workflow to the way you work
Web Based
Ditch pen and paper, and expensive servers
Technician Focused
Help your techs get their work done faster
Great Support
Unlimited support and training

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