When you start a diesel repair shop one of the first things you’ll need to do is make sure you have the right heavy duty tools. After all, you can’t do the job without the right truck tools. The best advice is to resist immediately buying everything you think you need. Take it slow, start out with the essentials, and keep building your toolbox over time.

Build Your Own Toolbox

Since most diesel tech programs have a list of heavy duty tools students need for the course, you’ll probably already have the beginnings of a useful toolbox. Start building on the collection of truck tools you used in school, rather than buying a “complete” tool kit. Even if you buy a kit, chances are you will need to add to it anyway.

Start With the Necessities

Every diesel tech has his own favorite tools. You could compare 20 different toolboxes and find vast differences between them. However, there will always be a few common truck tools included in most collections. When putting together a toolbox of heavy duty tools for diesel repair, the ones tool suppliers recommend include:

  • ultrasonic diagnostic tool
  • DEF tester
  • automatic slack adjuster release tool
  • U-joint push-puller
  • battery-powered impact gun
  • truck cage bolt socket
  • wire wheels and brushes
  • tubing wrenches
  • hammers and picks
  • scan tools

Of course, that is in addition to socket sets. And in heavy duty repair, you’ll need the big ones! Plus, you’ll need torque wrenches, ratchets, swivels, and extensions, too.

Adding More Heavy Duty Tools To Your Collection

Heavy duty tools can be expensive, so the best way to build the ultimate truck tools kit is to do it over time. Buy specialty tools as you need them, and DieselTech says to consider buying used when it comes to big-ticket items.

Make a wish list of semi truck tools you’d like to have but don’t need right away then, keep an eye out for sales. In that way, you can gradually fill your toolbox with all the right heavy duty tools.

Is More Expensive Better?

Even if you can afford the best that money can buy, it isn’t always necessary. Keep the life expectancy in mind when deciding whether to shell out the big bucks for heavy duty tools. It makes sense to spend a little more on truck tools you frequently use because you’ll need them to last for the long haul. Buy cheap when you’re shopping for adjustable wrenches, pry bars, and long screwdrivers, for example, as they are semi truck tools that you rarely need.

Warranties Save Money

Finally, whenever you have the choice of buying heavy duty tools with a warranty, do it. Since you’re building a business along with your toolbox, it makes financial sense to invest in the must-have truck tools that the manufacturer guarantees. Those with lifetime warranties are the most valuable, because you will only have to spend money on them once. If they ever break, replacing them won’t cost a cent.

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