May 31, 2024

Introducing Fullbay Financials

Introducing Fullbay Financials

We were going to write an outlandishly exciting blog about financial software and why obtaining it is, like, the grandest adventure your repair shop will ever embark on, but then we realized we had a small problem:

Financial software isn’t spectacularly exciting.

It’s just not.

Solid financial software does its job—handles your financial stuff—without a lot of fuss or fanfare. It tracks things like how much revenue you’re making from repairs and sales, how much you’re spending (on everything from rent and taxes to parts and shop lunches), and just generally everything money-related you can think of. Side quests are great fun in World of Warcraft or Fallout; they’re not as welcome when managing your repair shop’s transactions.


The good news is there’s plenty of good financial software out there for you to use.

The not-so-good news is that in the past, using accounting or financial software alongside repair shop management software might have led to…problems. Stop us if any of these sound familiar:

  • Data lost while flipping between one application and another.
  • Minutes and hours gone missing while entering customer and vendor information into a second application and ensuring it’s correct.
  • The cold dread of errors caused by slipped fingers and typos.
  • Looking up at the clock and realizing you’ve been trying to duplicate a backlog of accounting stuff for, like, ten hours.

We could go on, but if you’ve been there, you already know. No need to ruin your day by inducing a flashback—not when we’re about to tell you some good news. For you see, adventurer, you can use Fullbay alongside several awesome and popular accounting applications without dealing with any of the uncomfortable above bullet points.


Why, all through the magic (okay…the programming) of Fullbay Financials.


When you use the Fullbay Financials integration, you can transfer your customer and vendor financial data from Fullbay straight into your preferred accounting program.

Pretty neat, huh?

No more double-entry desperation.

No more looking up at the clock and realizing you’d fallen into a Bermuda Triangle of lost time—time you could have spent on other aspects of the business.

No more incorrect data caused by tired typing or slipped fingers.

Really, it’s pretty dang awesome.

We built out this integration because we know there are some most excellent financial programs already out there, and hey, if you like what you’ve got, we’re happy to work alongside it.


We’re so glad you asked! Like any good quest item, Fullbay Financials can make your repair shop’s journey a little easier. How does the following sound?

  • Accurate data transfer: Information goes from Fullbay to your financial application without change. Whoosh!
  • Speedy syncing: No need to start and restart, or wait five minutes, or pray to Thor to make the data transfer go through before the next thunderstorm.
  • Data on demand: Your financial data is ready for review whenever you—or your accountant, if you’ve got one of those—needs to review it. Best of all, you can make informed financial choices without switching between a bunch of apps. =D

And of course, there’s the big draw: all that time you spent plugging information into both Fullbay and your financial app will be at least halved—you’re only doing half the work! And hey…what could you do with that time? You could focus more on wrenching. Or you could do some marketing. Or you could go home and knock back a beer and not think about work.

The possibilities are endless, adventurer.

Do you want to know more? Head to Fullbay Connect to switch on Financials!

Suz Baldwin