Predictive Maintenance

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In the transportation industry, planning ahead can save a lot of money, not to mention headaches. It’s why successful fleets have preventive maintenance programs in place. PM programs help reduce unscheduled downtime by cutting the chances of breakdowns. The keyword there is reducing. All machinery will experience a breakdown at some point, so you can’t avoid them entirely. However, using fleet management software for predictive maintenance helps reduce breakdowns even more. It’s the next best thing to having a perfect fleet that never fails.

Predictive Maintenance: the Other PM

Preventive maintenance is the practice of servicing trucks on a regular schedule. The idea is to stay a step or two ahead of wear and tear. Consistently changing the oil and filters and lubing moving parts accomplishes that and keeps things working smoothly. PMs are typically scheduled to happen at certain times. That is where the two PMs are different.

Predictive maintenance is based on actual usage or condition of the trucks. This other type of PM doesn’t happen on a schedule. It takes place when deterioration has occurred but before a breakdown happens. Using preventive and predictive maintenance together avoids more failures than each one alone. The best part is that employing both procedures maximizes failure prevention without overdoing maintenance.

Fleet Management Software is an Effective Tool

Predictive maintenance is more of an odds game than an exact science. It’s making an educated guess about when truck parts are likely to fail. You need historical data to make that guess effectively. That means access to maintenance and repair records is vital, making fleet management software the best tool for the job. The software keeps track of all maintenance on each vehicle in a fleet. It records when parts where replaced and repairs were made. All that data helps you predict when a breakdown is likely to occur. That allows you to plan parts replacements and repairs according to your schedule instead of being at the mercy of unscheduled breakdowns.

A program residing in the Cloud is the best choice when you need fleet management software to use for predictive maintenance. It puts all the data you need on an entire fleet at your fingertips. Plus, you can access it anywhere from a variety of devices.

Implementing a Predictive Maintenance Program

Putting predictive maintenance into action isn’t hard, but you need a plan. In addition to fleet management software for data tracking, you’ll also need someone to be in charge of regularly reviewing the data. Fleet managers can do it or delegate the job to someone else. Whoever manages predictive maintenance will use the data to schedule downtime when it’s most convenient. Often, necessary repairs the program identifies can be done when a truck is scheduled for preventive maintenance. Taking care of two birds with one stone in this way increases the efficiency of both PM programs. It also keeps your trucks in top shape and on the road as much as possible. You’ll see the results in a high-performing fleet and a healthy boost to your bottom line.


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