We’ve all experienced it. You’re busily working on your computer when everything screeches to a halt. The browser window takes forever to load up and, when it does, you get an error message. If using cloud-based software, maybe it won’t save information or let you navigate to other areas of the program. It might take a minute or two but it eventually dawns on you that you have no connection. How can you keep working through Internet outages?

A lot of modern business relies on the ‘net. However, losing your connection doesn’t mean you have to lose precious time waiting for it to come back online.

Working Through Internet Outages: Your Phone Is Your Friend

Your smartphone is the key to working through Internet outages, according to Forbes. Use it to text customers and employees. Sync your calendar and download an email app, so you can stay on top of appointments as well as send and receive emails.

What’s more, smartphones act as secure Wi-Fi hotspots. Public hotspots such as ones at coffee shops are an option, but they should be a last-resort. If you access customer information or other confidential data when working through Internet outages, your smartphone’s hotspot capability is a better choice. With password protection and encrypting, no sensitive information is breached. Plus, if the power isn’t out, too, you can tether it to your computer. If that is a possibility, you can simply pick up where you left off and keep working when the Internet is down without missing a beat.

It’s All In the Software

When you bought shop management software, hopefully you picked one that checked all the boxes of things to look for. First, it will already be doing an excellent job for you before anything goes haywire with the Internet. The really important feature, however, is the web-based aspect. That may sound counter-intuitive for working through Internet outages, but you can use your smartphone to access programs that reside in the Cloud, even when your main connection to the world-wide-web takes an unexpected break. Plus, the Internet will always come back up. However, if all your data is on the server and it crashes, you’re toast. Using web-based software eliminates that possible nightmare.

The software is especially important if your Internet goes down because of a power outage. With no power, your computer is useless until the electricity comes back on. On the other hand, a fully-charged smartphone is ready and waiting to help you keep working through Internet outages. Just navigate to the software site on the cloud or open the app on your phone and continue with business as usual.

Finally, relying on your smartphone as a backup for working through Internet outages means making sure it’s prepared for the job. Double-check your data package to ensure it supports what you need to do in case of emergency. Possibly most important, keep your smartphone charged so that it doesn’t let you down when you need it most.

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