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Fullbay Connect is super easy to turn on:

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2. Toggle Fullbay Connect "on"

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"These new integrations work amazing and have raised our communication to a level of speed and accuracy no one can match."


With Fullbay Connect your shop will get access to industry-leading integrations, including:

  • FleetCross by MOTOR
  • FleetNet
  • Interstate Billing Service
  • Phone Call Notifications
  • Text Messages
  • And More!

Why Connect Your Shop with FleetNet?

  • Reduced manual/double entry by receiving FleetNet service requests directly within Fullbay.
  • Increased revenue from emergency service requests from FleetNet.
  • Faster communication for emergency maintenance requests, including automated notifications for on-call employees.
  • Happier customers who can track their request throughout the entire process.

Why Connect Your Shop with Interstate Billing Service?

  • Instantly check whether the customer has credit with IBS before starting a repair.
  • Get paid immediately for the work you've completed.
  • Don't do the same task twice—send invoices to IBS right inside Fullbay.

Why Use Phone Call Notifications?

  • Pick and choose when employees receive notifications.
  • Set do not disturb hours so the work stays in the shop.
  • Get a call when an emergency request is received from your customer portal or FleetNet.

Why Connect Your Shop with FleetCross by MOTOR?

  • Accurate estimates for labor times, including tests with Labor Time Guides.
  • Visual guides including wiring diagrams, step-by-step diagnostic tests, and repair procedures with Truck Service Guides.
  • Search across millions of cross-reference parts with Parts Cross-Reference.

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Why Use Text Messages?

  • Text customers to authorize estimates or alert them of pre-authorization.
  • Text customers when an invoice is ready to pay.
  • Text an employee's phone about important updates in the shop so they don't have to constantly a laptop or tablet.