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“With Fullbay, I don’t have to try to remember everything. I can just go look at Fullbay.”

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“With the yard check function and history function in Fullbay, I have full control.”

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Since 1932, Engledow has provided landscaping services for Central Indiana. Their fleet currently consists of 158 trucks and over 300 pieces of equipment, including caterpillars, front loaders, and bobcats.

Fleet Manager Steve Swartz sees his crews as his customers; trucks and equipment need to be in working order to let them do their jobs safely and efficiently. Engledow practices both fleet management and in-house repair, as they outsource truck repair but work on their equipment themselves.


Engledow approached Fullbay with three very specific issues, all of them related to tracking. Staying on top of the maintenance and repair requests of hundreds of units meant Steve was often digging for records and taking work home with him.

Engledow tried several systems to help them manage their fleet, but no one program covered all their needs – until Fullbay arrived.


Engledow wasn’t tracking vehicle repair history – they relied entirely on their respective vendors to do that. Unfortunately, this meant no cohesive record of when a vehicle last received service, or how much that service had cost. “There was no accountability at all for work done on the fleet,” Steve recalls. Over time, he noticed vendors might overprice a service, or charge twice for something else.

Even the smallest extra charges can snowball over time. Engledow was staying on top of repairs and maintenance, but it was losing money doing so.

“Our largest investment is our vehicles. We have to know what is going on.”


The crew at Engledow had a room full of parts – sounds dreamy, right? But that 15x20 parts room stayed full almost all the time. Because they were not tracking their parts on a real-time basis, they had no idea what they actually needed. Because they didn’t know what they needed or had, they had no idea what to buy, and often ended up purchasing 20 parts at a time when they might only need a handful.

Those parts would then sit on a shelf collecting dust.

The most eye-opening moment came when he realized they carried parts to repair equipment that isn’t even made anymore.


You can imagine the sort of headaches four locations and hundreds of units can create for a fleet manager. Steve’s phone rang practically off the hook with crews requesting various vehicles – which he then had to go track down. If he didn’t know right off the bat where a truck was, he often had to scroll through files, spreadsheets, and hundreds of emails, or else pick up the phone to ask someone who might know.

It took up a lot of time, and Steve admits it didn’t make him look great.

“With Fullbay, I don’t have to try to remember everything. I can just go look at Fullbay.”


Fullbay is all about making the lives of fleet managers easier by streamlining the way they work. It put all the information Steve needed right at his fingertips; with the click of a button, he could see a truck’s history, where it was at that moment, and what kind of maintenance it needed.


Once Engledow Group adopted Fullbay and entered their fleet information into its database, looking up repair histories and other records went from time-consuming to a snap. Steve has set reminders for PM work, DOTs, and tire rotations, and has saved money by cutting down on the duplicate repairs that kept cropping up.

Best of all, he knows exactly what each truck is up to and what service it’s received or will need in the future.


Fullbay helped Steve see what parts he used on a regular basis, as well as what parts were in demand. Instead of ordering in bulk due to fear of running out of a part, he could check with Fullbay, see that they only went through about five a month of a particular part, and order the five.

The rest just sat there. Once Engledow switched to Fullbay, Steve realized they had a room full of parts for equipment they didn’t use anymore, for equipment that wasn’t made anymore, and even for trucks that were long gone.

“It made me sick,” Steve admits, but he quickly got to work. Getting rid of the parts they didn’t need turned into an interesting side project for him and his wife, and they spent a good chunk of time tackling the parts room. It was difficult, but Engledow now has a parts room that works for them, not against them.


Once Steve started tracking Engledow’s vehicles with Fullbay, he knew at any given moment where every single truck was. He can answer questions about them when asked – an important part of his job, and one that he takes very seriously.

“With the yard check function and history function in Fullbay, I have full control.”


Steve is thrilled with the control and functionality Fullbay has brought to Engledow Group. Not only has it helped his fleet be more efficient, but it’s also helped him do better at his job – from anywhere he likes. Fullbay works “Whether I’m sitting in my family room, or sitting in my office, or sitting on the beach.”

Fullbay continues to add integrations and features that will make the lives of fleet managers like Steve easier. We’re so happy the Engledow Group saw so much improvement in their daily business – we’re excited to keep helping them in the future!

“With Fullbay, I can have everything at my fingertips.”

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