Self-Driving Semis Make Trucks of the Future a Reality Today

October 11, 2018By LisaBlog

Remember the driverless trucks speeding along the highways in the X-Men movie Logan? It might have seemed kind of far-fetched at the time. However, since the movie takes place in 2029, it may be more on the mark than you think. Tech companies and truck builders are working together now to make self-driving semis a … Read More

Nikola Tesla

October 9, 2018By LisaBlog

Having lived in both the 19th and 20th centuries, Nikola Tesla is a part of history. A gifted inventor who excelled in physics and math, much of his technology is still used today. Sadly, others typically get the credit for most of his inventions. Recently, however, high-profile companies named their own creations after him. Since … Read More

Rudolf Diesel

October 5, 2018By LisaBlog

When you hear the name Rudolf Diesel it’s easy to guess where he fits into history. His creations completely changed life in the late 1800s and early 1900s. However, most people know him by the invention that carries his name. In creating the diesel engine, Rudolf Diesel gave the world a powerful, efficient piece of … Read More

6 Critical Reasons You Should Have Shop Repair Software

October 4, 2018By JacobBlog

Using shop repair software is no longer optional. Commercial repair shops are busy places. Information flows through them like crazy. Data like repair requests, preventive maintenance tracking, parts ordering, estimates, customer authorizations, invoices. Many shops continue to use paper to track all this information. Or, they use a legacy repair shop software system that requires them to … Read More

Preload Vs Endplay

September 27, 2018By LisaBlog

A lot rides on well-maintained wheel ends that are assembled correctly—figuratively and literally. What’s more, installing and maintaining wheel ends properly requires some knowledge and skill with preload and endplay. They’re both bearings settings that affect how heavy-duty truck wheels perform. Whether you’re looking to save money or reduce wheel-off incidents, you can do both … Read More

Top 10 Class 8 Maintenance and Repair Costs

September 25, 2018By LisaBlog

It would be great if you could buy a semi, put it to work, and not have to worry about it again. However, repairs and maintenance are a fact of doing business for fleets of all sizes. Even the best-built trucks experience problems at some point. Over time, engine parts start to fail. Brakes need … Read More

Liquid Natural Gas Trucks (LNG)

September 20, 2018By LisaBlog

While the spotlight is on electric and fuel cell trucks these days, another green semi strategy is quietly gaining traction. Many fleets are pre-ordering Nikola and Tesla semis, but liquid natural gas trucks are already on the road. Companies like Cummins Westport build liquid natural gas (LNG) engines, not entire vehicles. So, unlike the companies … Read More

Buying a Two-Post Lift

September 18, 2018By LisaBlog

Opening a semi repair shop requires having the right heavy-duty tools. That includes more than just what’s in your toolbox. For example, a two-post lift is something techs can use daily. It gets trucks up off the floor for easy undercarriage access. That makes it more useful than a basic floor jack for servicing and repairs. … Read More

Gauging Fleets’ Maintenance Practices With the Maintenance Maturity Scale

September 14, 2018By LisaBlog

Some ideas make so much sense that it doesn’t seem logical not to use them. The Maintenance Maturity Scale is a good example. It’s a gauge for measuring maintenance routines that lets you assess how well your crew handles maintaining your fleet’s maintenance. The Maintenance Maturity Scale is a common-sense approach to a manufacturing standard … Read More

Nikola Semi Truck

September 11, 2018By LisaBlog

With everyone focused on clean-energy semis, the Nikola Semi Truck brings something new to the table. In April 2018, Nikola Motor launched its hydrogen-powered trucks. They also announced plans to build over 700 fueling stations throughout the U.S. and Canada. What’s more, they’ve got a light, spacious, cutting-edge design along with an all-inclusive lease plan … Read More