Shop Marketing on Instagram – Get Started!

November 27, 2018By sharonBlog

Shop marketing on Instagram is a great way to glamorize your shop and create a community of relevant followers for free. These few steps below will get you started on some basics of marketing  your shop on this large and growing social platform. How To Set Up An Account for Shop Marketing on Instagram To begin … Read More

Market Your Shop With Facebook: 5 Simple Steps

November 20, 2018By sharonBlog

Why market your shop with Facebook?  Have you heard the old phrase “money doesn’t grow on trees?” Some shop owners tire of teaching their employees that concept, but if you market your shop with Facebook, money can seem to grow on trees.  Shops have endless opportunities to expose themselves to potential customers without having to … Read More

Optimize Productivity by Reducing Distractions

November 13, 2018By LisaBlog

As far as business principles go, focus is at the top of the list. It’s what makes the difference between a successful shop and one that merely gets by. Your shop needs your laser-sharp focus every moment of every day, but unfortunately, life—and business—is full of distractions. Some, like email, texts, and social media, are … Read More

NHTSA Stopping Distance Chart

November 7, 2018By LisaBlog

A new NHTSA stopping distance chart was published in the last decade. A precise physics equation involving mass, velocity, and kinetic energy is what’s behind determining stopping distance. Thankfully, you don’t have to be a physicist to understand the braking standards. All you have to do is refer to the NHTSA stopping distance chart. It … Read More

Knowledge is Power for Running a Successful Business

October 30, 2018By LisaBlog

If running a successful business was easy, going-out-of-business sales and boarded up storefronts wouldn’t exist. The unfortunate fact is that about 30 percent of new businesses fail within 2 years, and half will close their doors within 5 years. It may not be easy, but well-known names like Disney, Jobs, Gates, and Ford prove that … Read More

Commercial Work Truck Upfitter

October 23, 2018By LisaBlog

Commercial work truck upfitting is similar to heavy-duty repair. Rather than repairing commercial trucks, however, upfitters remodel them. Certified upfitters are authorized by truck manufacturers to turn their vehicles into mobile offices, portable retail shops, or traveling stockrooms. Although an upfitting shop does notably different work than a standard heavy-duty repair shop, the businesses run … Read More

Turning Wrenches

October 18, 2018By LisaBlog

Business profitability relies on efficiently using resources and, in the world of heavy-duty repair, talented technicians are the resources. Skilled techs are the ones who provide the service that gives your shop its reputation. They’re masters at their job and know how to perform every little task deftly. However, many of those little tasks eat … Read More

Trailer Store Management Software

October 16, 2018By LisaBlog

Transportation and logistics is a $1.4 trillion industry. Railways still account for some freight, but heavy-duty trucks are responsible for moving over 10.4 billion tons of goods each year. That means business is also booming for truck and trailer shops. Places that sell and service dry vans, reefers, and flatbeds have just as much on … Read More

Self-Driving Semis Make Trucks of the Future a Reality Today

October 11, 2018By LisaBlog

Remember the driverless trucks speeding along the highways in the X-Men movie Logan? It might have seemed kind of far-fetched at the time. However, since the movie takes place in 2029, it may be more on the mark than you think. Tech companies and truck builders are working together now to make self-driving semis a … Read More

Nikola Tesla

October 9, 2018By LisaBlog

Having lived in both the 19th and 20th centuries, Nikola Tesla is a part of history. A gifted inventor who excelled in physics and math, much of his technology is still used today. Sadly, others typically get the credit for most of his inventions. Recently, however, high-profile companies named their own creations after him. Since … Read More