VIN Decoder: Cracking the VIN Code

June 15, 2018By LisaBlog

To most people, the jumble of numbers and letters in Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) seem like gibberish. To a vehicle manufacturer, fleet manager, or heavy duty tech, however, a VIN speaks volumes. It’s like a secret code that tells the truck’s story. Where it was made, who manufactured it and when—the VIN tells all of … Read More

Get a Load of the New Tesla Semi Truck

June 12, 2018By LisaBlog

Freight companies ship close to 70% of goods consumers use every day. Although it’s pretty much the best way to move freight, trucking still has drawbacks. Between fuel and maintenance costs, not to mention environmental concerns, heavy duty trucks have a lot of room for improvement. Not to worry. Just a few short months ago, … Read More

Why Does a Shop Exist?

June 7, 2018By LisaBlog

Economic concepts are complex theories to grasp. If you’re running a semi repair shop, however, it helps to know basic principals. For example, why do shops exist? Moreover, how can owners ensure heavy duty repair shop existence as market elements change? Fortunately,  the answers to these questions are fairly simple to understand and tools like … Read More

Regenerative Braking

June 4, 2018By LisaBlog

Trucks that fall into the heavier classifications serve society in a variety of ways, from delivering vital cargo across long distances to hauling garbage and other refuse away from populated areas. Technology hasn’t progressed very much for machinery that is such a vital part of modern life. However, electric vehicle features such as cleaner operation … Read More

How to Think Like a Troubleshooter

May 29, 2018By LisaBlog

Most jobs require troubleshooting at some point. Heavy duty repair shop technicians are no exception. In fact, a large part of their job is diagnostic work and troubleshooting. Because of that, thinking like troubleshooters comes naturally to techs, but there’s always room for improvement. Trouble Shooting Skills Pay Off Thinking like troubleshooters pays off in two … Read More

Build Trust With Your Customers

May 29, 2018By LisaBlog

You can have the best heavy duty repair shop this side of the Mississippi, but that won’t matter if you don’t have customers. They’re the reason you’re in business, and they’re the ones that will keep you in business—but only if there’s a solid trust relationship between them and you. Building customer trust is the … Read More

Family First

May 24, 2018By LisaBlog

Ask adults who their dream dinner guest is, and the answer is typically a celebrity or other well-known person. However, ask a child who they’d most like to have dinner with, and the answer is inevitably Mom and Dad—family. If you think about it, the kids are the ones with the right priorities. When people … Read More

Parts Markup

May 23, 2018By LisaBlog

Heavy duty repair shops have two goals: to offer a valuable service and to make a profit. If your shop doesn’t achieve the latter, it won’t be open very long to provide the former. One fatal mistake many shop owners make is the way they price parts. Some got used to a simple percentage markup … Read More

Predictive Maintenance

May 15, 2018By LisaBlog

In the transportation industry, planning ahead can save a lot of money, not to mention headaches. It’s why successful fleets have preventive maintenance programs in place. PM programs help reduce unscheduled downtime by cutting the chances of breakdowns. The keyword there is reducing. All machinery will experience a breakdown at some point, so you can’t … Read More

Mobile Devices for a Truck Repair Shop

May 11, 2018By LisaBlog

Fleet repair software has revolutionized the transportation and heavy duty repair industries. It streamlines day-to-day business, makes techs’ jobs easier, and provides shops with an enhanced way to satisfy customers. When technology began making its way into the business world, software benefits were tied to bulky desktop computers. These days, however, mobile devices allow you … Read More