Family First

May 24, 2018By LisaBlog

Ask adults who their dream dinner guest is, and the answer is typically a celebrity or other well-known person. However, ask a child who they’d most like to have dinner with, and the answer is inevitably Mom and Dad—family. If you think about it, the kids are the ones with the right priorities. When people … Read More

Parts Markup

May 23, 2018By LisaBlog

Heavy duty repair shops have two goals: to offer a valuable service and to make a profit. If your shop doesn’t achieve the latter, it won’t be open very long to provide the former. One fatal mistake many shop owners make is the way they price parts. Some got used to a simple percentage markup … Read More

Predictive Maintenance

May 15, 2018By LisaBlog

In the transportation industry, planning ahead can save a lot of money, not to mention headaches. It’s why successful fleets have preventive maintenance programs in place. PM programs help reduce unscheduled downtime by cutting the chances of breakdowns. The keyword there is reducing. All machinery will experience a breakdown at some point, so you can’t … Read More

Mobile Devices for a Truck Repair Shop

May 11, 2018By LisaBlog

Fleet repair software has revolutionized the transportation and heavy duty repair industries. It streamlines day-to-day business, makes techs’ jobs easier, and provides shops with an enhanced way to satisfy customers. When technology began making its way into the business world, software benefits were tied to bulky desktop computers. These days, however, mobile devices allow you … Read More

Air Pressure Measurements: What’s the Difference Between PSI, PSIA, and PSIG?

May 7, 2018By LisaBlog

Even those who don’t work in technology or transportation industries are familiar with PSI. At the very least, they understand that it’s a unit of pressure measurement. On the other hand, some fields require accurate air pressure measurements for a variety of applications. That calls for more than a basic formula. That’s why it’s useful to … Read More

Do You Need an SVG Viewer?

May 3, 2018By LisaBlog

Current fleet repair software is easy to access with most systems and apps. That is unless your shop is still using early model software. For instance, some older wiring diagram software works with SVG files. Though these types of files are considered outdated by some, installing an SVG viewer allows you to open them and … Read More

Making Sense of Truck Classification

May 2, 2018By LisaBlog

Show a truck to the average person off the street, and all they see is a truck. When a driver or fleet manager sees one however, their brains start computing, cataloging the vehicle into the proper class. How much does it weigh? What’s the payload designation? Is it a heavy-duty truck requiring a special license … Read More

The Truth About CVIP Inspections

April 25, 2018By LisaBlog

Fleets that include cross-border service to Canada have even more to offer customers than ones that deal with freight exclusively in the U.S. Plus, extending your service area to the Great White North gives you access to more freight from more markets. As a result, revenues increase. There are a number of things to know … Read More

Buying a Fleet Software Server is Expensive and Unnecessary

April 24, 2018By LisaBlog

In the past, it was normal for businesses to have their own servers. Purchasing data storage equipment cost thousands of dollars. Thousands more were budgeted for a system administrator and tech support staff, and yet even more for software and upgrades. There used to be no way around equipping your shop with these essentials. However, … Read More

Making the Heavy Duty Service Manager’s Job Easier

April 20, 2018By LisaBlog

Much of a shop’s success sits squarely on the service manager’s shoulders. With duties that include scheduling work, assigning the right tech for each job, and communicating with customers before, during, and after repairs, the service manager’s job is arguably the toughest one in the shop. He’s like the quarterback of the shop. That’s where … Read More