A Day in the Life of a Parts Manager


When you’re a Parts Manager, there’s a ton you have to handle. From managing the relationships with your vendors to working with customers and coming up with estimates, it can feel like a challenge to stay on top of it all—without wasting time or resources. We get it, and we’re here to help. If you’re ready to streamline your processes and clean up your parts management, then be sure to join Fullbay’s CEO, Jacob Findlay, and COO, Chris O’Brien, for our upcoming webinar:

During this hour-long, free webinar, the hosts will cover:

  • selling parts over the counter,
  • pricing parts for customer estimates,
  • ordering parts for technicians,
  • receiving and returning parts to vendors, and
  • managing your inventory.

Can’t make the live event? No problem! When you register, we’ll automatically send you the recording when it’s ready.

Ready to learn actionable tips to transform your parts management process?