Making the Heavy Duty Service Manager’s Job Easier

April 20, 2018By LisaBlog

Much of a shop’s success sits squarely on the service manager’s shoulders. With duties that include scheduling work, assigning the right tech for each job, and communicating with customers before, during, and after repairs, the service manager’s job is arguably the toughest one in the shop. He’s like the quarterback of the shop. That’s where … Read More

Mobile Lube Oil Business: Extending Your Services

April 19, 2018By LisaBlog

Customer satisfaction is the name of the diesel repair game and satisfaction starts with making things easier for the customer. In looking at all the ways your shop can offer convenience for the customer, mobile services top the list. True, it can get spendy to equip a service truck to take your entire game to … Read More

How Mobile Repair Techs are Making a Comeback

April 13, 2018By LisaBlog

Looking for ways to take your shop to the next level? Consider taking your show on the road. Going mobile is the trend for heavy duty repair, but not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Some shops underestimate mobile repair, pigeonholing it as a tire-only business. That simply isn’t the case. These days, mobile repair … Read More

What is a Sublet Service?

April 10, 2018By LisaBlog

What if a customer comes to you for a service or repair you don’t offer? Or during a routine inspection and your tech finds an issue you can’t solve in in your shop? Do you send the customer away? Not offering every heavy duty service known to man doesn’t mean your shop can’t still profit from them. Become familiar … Read More

Parasitic Battery Drain: Causes and Solutions

April 6, 2018By LisaBlog

Few things are as frustrating as dead batteries. It’s annoying to park a perfectly running truck at night only to find that it won’t even turn over in the morning. Often parasitic battery drain is to blame. It sounds more sinister than it is, though it is similar to the work leeches do. According to … Read More

Investing in Heavy Duty Alignment Machines for Your Shop

April 5, 2018By LisaBlog

Offering a variety of services to your customers is one way to make your heavy duty repair shop more profitable. The more you can do for a client, the easier you make their life. For example, proper alignment saves fleets as much as 2.2% on fuel per truck, according to TruckingInfo. So, you may want … Read More

Diesel Shop Owner Earnings

March 29, 2018By LisaBlog

For the most part, diesel repair shops are lucrative ventures. Business brokers recommend them as good investments. The fact that you don’t have to be a diesel mechanic yourself and the current strength of the industry are just two of the reasons for starting a heavy duty repair business. Diesel shop owner earnings is another one. If … Read More

Technology is a Change Agent

March 24, 2018By LisaBlog

Technology is a change agent that pulls us into a future we only used to dream about. It’s scary, though, to embrace a technology change agent instead of doing things the way you always have. Look back to the invention of the car. People were used to getting from place to place using horses and … Read More

The Cost of Fuel Complacency

March 21, 2018By LisaBlog

The concept is simple. Businesses can’t stay in business unless they cover their costs. For heavy duty repair shops, that means factoring in more than tools, supplies, and your techs’ time. Other costs that sneak up on you include environmental fees, utilities, and even fuel. While continued low prices can cause fuel complacency, it’s a … Read More

Part Cores

March 14, 2018By LisaBlog

Part cores. They’re dirty. They can seem hard to track. But do not fear them. At the end of the day, cores are just like any other part: you buy them, sell them, they can go obsolete, and can vanish if you don’t carefully track them. If you want to move the needle on shop profitability, start tracking part cores. What are … Read More